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You become a member of LOOKA.KR by selecting terms of use, privacy policy agreement and key in registration items in the registration template via “JOIN” menu. You do not have to key in various of information that is needed when placing an order, you can also experience smooth LOOKA product A/S (after sales support) and participate in the events and various discounts.
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Select the color and size of the desired product, add the product to your shopping cart, and enter your delivery address to pay.
Payment Information

Payment method – credit card, wire transfers

Check the purchase and click the payment button to complete the payment.

Returns & Exchanges Information

Request for returns and exchanges > parcel collection will be done within 2-3 business days > parcel return to destination of sender> product inspection > exchange/refund processing


Exchanges can be made within 7 days of receiving the product.

※ It is based on the time of the delivery completion notice of the courier.


Returns and exchanges is not possible in the following cases.

- If the packaging has been opened or damaged

- In case the product is lost or damaged due to the customer's responsibility

- In case of intentionally making the product defective for free exchange


Returns/Exchanges address: Room 404, Daewonjeongsa Main Building, 49 Duteopbawi-ro 60-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, postal code: 04328

Customer Service Center:

Service Center

Regarding LOOKA ONLINE MALL A/S (after sales support)

• A/S for LOOKA online store products can be requested to the head office service center.

However, only products purchased from the online store are possible.

※ The collectible delivery fee for A/S request must be paid in advance, and the delivery fee will be borne by us after the repair is completed.


Warranty Period: The warranty period for LOOKA products is 1 months from the date of purchase.

※ In case of faulty products caused by the manufacturer's negligence(sewing, fabric, subsidiary materials), it means the period during which the customer can claim compensation (free repair, exchange, refund) from the manufacturer.


Damage Compensation Act/ Consumer Negligence

• Fabric, subsidiary materials and sewing defects: Free repairs within 1 months from the date of purchase. Exchanges or refunds will be processed from the purchase price if repair is not possible.

• We are not responsible for compensation for damage to the product due to consumer negligence, deformation due to miswashing, or defects in product quality after the warranty period (1 months).

※ During the compensation process, there may be some differences of opinion in the price calculation, hence please present the product purchase receipt.

Email Consultation

For inquiries related to purchasing LOOKA products or contacting us for CS related, please contact us at the email below, and our consultants will be happy to answer them.


Email :